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Phone and Skype Sessions

Why would I want to do a hypnotherapy session over the phone or skype?

Hypnotherapy phone and skype sessions are very convenient if you live outside the Los Angeles area, if you don’t have transportation, or for some other reason, cannot make it to a session in the hypnotherapy clinic.  Even with today’s unpredictable Southern California traffic, if you are on your way to a session with me and you are running late, there is no need to stress out or cancel.   Simply pull your car over to a safe area, call me, and we can do the session in your car!  All you need to do is adjust the temperature in your car so it is comfortable for you, recline your car seat to a comfortable position, turn on your blue tooth or put your phone on speaker and we’re good to go!  
How are phone and skype sessions conducted?
Phone and skype sessions are conducted in much the same way as live sessions and provide the same benefits.  The only difference is that you will be in your home, your office, your car, or some place other than with me in the hypnotherapy room.  With today’s latest communication technology, hypnotherapy sessions over the telephone or skype sessions are becoming as easy as live sessions.  Skype, hands-free telephone devices, and speaker phones are some of the most common ways to do phone or skype sessions; however I have conducted some very successful phone sessions with hand-held receivers.  
How do I prepare for the phone or skype sessions?
I will advise you to cancel the “Call Waiting” feature on any telecommunications device you are using for the duration of the hypnotherapy session.  I will also advise you to turn off the ringers on any other telecommunication devices or electronic equipment in your vicinity, if possible.  I will ask you to advise me if there are any machines with ringers that cannot be turned off, so I can prepare you to be unaffected should the ringing occur while you are in the hypnotic state.  During hypnosis, I will work in the suggestion that if at any time your telecommunication device disconnects, you will be able to call me back without affecting the hypnotic state, and we will easily be able to resume the session.
Please make sure you have a quiet, uninterrupted environment for the duration of the session.  Please schedule your session during a time of day when you will not be disturbed by family, friends, children, or pets, and during a time when you have no business or personal tasks to attend to.  This is your special time and you deserve to receive the full benefits of a quality hypnotherapy session.

Where do I sit during the session?
A recliner, an easy chair, or a comfortable chair with a soft cushion is most conducive to entering the relaxed state of hypnosis.  A couch would also work fine with an ottoman or  foot stool to keep your legs in a raised position. Do not lie down on the couch, as you will be more likely to fall asleep.  If none of these are available, sitting upright on a bed with a comfortable back and neck support also works well.  Again, do not lie down in the bed, as this position is associated with sleep. It is beneficial to have a blanket available, in case you get cold, and a bottle of water within reach, as the hypnotic state tends to create thirst.  Also, make sure you use the restroom before we get started.
How do I schedule a phone or skype session?:
We will have a free telephone consultation and book the session at that time. You can pay for the session using a check, money order or credit card.  The check will have to clear, or I will need to receive the money order before the date of your session.  I will notify you via email upon receipt of payment and provide you with a phone number or skype I.D. to call for the session.  Please call only at the scheduled time of the session and I will call you right back if you reach my voice mail.
So, phone and skype sessions are a good alternative to live sessions?
Yes, they are!  Phone and skype sessions are another way I can provide quality hypnotherapy sessions to clients who, for some reason, cannot attend sessions in the hypnotherapy clinic.  They are convenient, relaxing, private, and accommodate all of the same areas of self improvement that are addressed in live sessions.  So, schedule your phone or skype session today and get ready to make the changes in your life you desire! 


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